Jan. 11, 2011

All-Terrain Skateboard

by Leslie Taylor

Video by bpgwerks

Calling all gearheads! A team of young inventors, machinists, and mechanical engineers has created an off-road vehicle built around a traditional skateboard deck and trucks that is capable of going 30 mph through snow, sand, and rugged terrain. In the video above, you can see a driver putting it through it's paces.

With its 4-stroke racing engine and two tank-threads, the DTV (Dual Track Vehicle) Shredder created by Canadian company BPG-WERKS is not just for recreation. It also has practical applications that are of interest to the military. Their Web site explains:

The Shredder was built as a first response modular platform to better equip the Soldier to deal with crisis situations. The Shredder is a new class of vehicle that can handle any terrain at high speed. It’s low center of gravity and rugged design make it ideal for a wide variety of applications including: Reconnaissance, Rescue/Recovery, Mobile Surveillance/Offensive Platform, MedEvac, Rapid Response.

But the DTV Shredder also shreds! See more videos at http://bpg-werks.com/media/

BPG-Werks anticipates having the DTV Shredder available for sale by the early summer of 2011 at a price around $2,500.

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