Jul. 02, 2012

SciFri Book Club Talks Silent Spring

by Annette Heist

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The Science Friday Book Club meets this week to talk about the Rachel Carson classic, Silent Spring.  The book--published 50 years ago--documented the effects of indiscriminate pesticide use on the environment, and is credited by many with kick-starting the modern environmental movement.
While most of us probably know Carson's name from Silent Spring, she was already a best-selling author when she wrote it. (Her book "The Sea Around Us" won the National Book Award for non-fiction in 1952.)
William Souder, author of a forthcoming biography of Carson (pictured right), says the opening chapter of Silent Spring is one of "the great set pieces in American literature." Souder joins us this week to talk more about Carson's writing style and the book's legacy.
What do you think about Silent Spring 50 years later? Post your comments and questions here, and tune in this Friday to hear more.
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