Jul. 19, 2012

Schizophrenic Neuroscientist Is TV's Newest Crime Solver

by Annette Heist

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This week we'll talk with Ken Biller, co-creator and executive producer of the new TNT series "Perception."
The show stars Eric McCormack (of "Will & Grace") as Daniel Pierce, a neuroscience professor at a fictional Ivy League-type university in Chicago. 
When he's not teaching class, Pierce helps a former student, now an FBI agent, solve crimes. Brainy crimes, where knowing something about Korsakoff's syndrome, for instance, might help you figure out whodunit. Pierce is brilliant, handsome, and a paranoid schizophrenic. (Think "House" meets "Monk" meets "A Beautiful Mind.") 
Biller says that although he studiously avoided science in college, he's fascinated by it, and thinks viewers are too. 
"We are living in the moment of the nerd. People want science in their TV," Biller says. 
Listen tomorrow to find out more about Biller's scientific inspiration, and how he says the show works to get the science right.
("Perception" airs on TNT Monday nights. Check out a preview below.)

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