Aug. 13, 2014

Food Failures: Is Your Hot Sauce Up to Snuff?

by Brandon Echter

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Attention, hot sauce makers!
Most of you probably agree that a lot of food can be improved with a little bit of spice. From the super-picante to the sweet-and-smoky, hot sauce has become a staple of American cuisine. But how do you build an awesome sauce?
On the show this Friday, we’re going to be talking with culinary scientist Ali Bouzari. He uses science to figure out why food tastes so good, then works with chefs to improve their recipes. And he’s agreed to review your hot sauce recipes to make them even better.

Submit your recipes in the comments below. Then, tune in to Science Friday on August 15th, when Dr. Bouzari will evaluate your concoctions on air and offer tips and tricks. You can also read his recommendations to getting the right consistency for sauces and soups here.
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