Dec. 19, 2012

Happy Holidays!

by The Bug Chicks

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One of our biggest accomplishments in 2012 was the publication of a coloring book on arthropods. So, for our last post of the year, we decided to gift a download of one of our favorite pages featuring an armoured ground cricket! We took a photo of this huge orthopteran while studying solifuge arachnids in northern Kenya. It was amazing to see such a large insect walking along the ground in broad daylight. These slow-moving insects are covered in spines and spikes (hence their name).
Feel free to print out this picture as a stocking stuffer or give it to your favorite teacher to use in the classroom. The coloring page has a description of the cricket and information on its biology, so it's perfect for students who are learning about the insect world. More of a techie than an artist? Upload the picture to a table device and you can color it digitally!
We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing the arthropod world with you through our weekly posts on Science Friday. In 2013, we have some very cool projects and posts to share and we will see you in the New Year. Happy Holidays!
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