Feb. 06, 2012

Force, Motion, and Energy: Build a Blimp

by Girlstart

Build a blimp and become an aerospace engineer! In this hands-on activity, kids explore the physics of force by creating balloon blimps with a propulsion system. They problem solve how to make their blimp buoyant while being propelled forward. The Girlstart girls enjoyed testing different amounts of weight added to their blimps to make them buoyant and propel specific distances.

Girlstart, Hands-on Activities
Nov. 18, 2011

Investigating Solubility

by Girlstart

In this activity, kids become forensic scientists to investigate the solubility of various inks. Students observe if the ink of each marker separates into different colors when placed in water. The Girlstart girls used their knowledge of chromatography to solve an inky mystery. Using household items – various pens, markers and coffee filters – learning about chromatography is fun and easy!

Girlstart, Hands-on Activities
Oct. 19, 2011

Matter and Energy: Air Mail Challenge

by Girlstart

The Engineering Design Process is a process that helps engineers solve everyday problems. In this activity, kids concentrate on the third step in the process – designing a prototype. Kids design containers that can carry a fragile package. The container must be lightweight, water proof, buoyant and protect the fragile package inside. Engineers design and build structures of all types, and as the girls in Girlstart’s After School Program, Club Girlstart, learned matter and energy are important factors to consider in the Design Process. Girls created protective containers out of cups and cotton balls to transport their fragile cargo - a potato chip!

Girlstart, Hands-on Activities
Oct. 03, 2011

Pantry Science: Fun with pH

by Girlstart

The chemistry of acids and bases is occurring all around us! Many household cleaning items are basic in nature, while our bodies utilize strong acids in our stomach to help digest the food we eat. In this activity, girls learn about acids and bases by using an indicator to test items you could find at home. This summer at Girlstart, campers used cabbage juice to test various liquids such as orange juice, vinegar, laundry detergent, and more.

Girlstart, Hands-on Activities
Jul. 28, 2011

Engineering the Earth: Exploring Wind Energy

by Girlstart

Wind is one important source of alternative energy. In this activity, kids create their own wind turbine and attach it to a Hot Wheels Car. Then they can use a fan to power the turbines so their cars can move! Wind is a great alternate to fuel since fuel pollutes the air and is nonrenewable. Because wind is a renewable energy source, we will never run out! However, as the girls at Girlstart discovered from testing their own cars, there are some cons to powering a car with wind.

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