Jun. 09, 2014

Picture of the Week: Munk's Devil Ray

by Chau Tu

This small ray can breach several feet into the air, causing a loud slapping sound upon its return to the ocean that has earned it the nickname “tortilla.”

devil rays, mobula rays, jumping, breaching, munk's devil ray, cabo pulmo, mexico, gulf of calilfornia, ocean
Nov. 09, 2010

Underwater Art Museum Opens

by Katherine

Jason DeCaires Taylor creates environmental artwork by dropping cement casts of real people onto the ocean floor — creating artificial reefs that help restore coral ecosystems. His latest project, completed this month, is a massive collection of 400 sculptures off … Continue reading →

Visual Art, Jason deCaires Taylor, Marine Ecosystems, Mexico, Sculpture, Tourism
Jul. 15, 2010

Sinking Cement Body Sculptures Brings Ecosystems to Life

by Katherine

This summer, British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor is at work on an unusual environmental art project: creating what will be the world’s largest underwater sculpture park in Cancun, Mexico. The park will consist of over 400 human figures  – all … Continue reading →

Visual Art, Grenada, Hurricane Ivan, Jason deCaires Taylor, Marine Ecosystems, Mexico, Sculpture, Tourism

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