Dec. 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas-y Citizen Science Projects

by Darlene Cavalier

Make sure you’re on Santa’s “nice list” this year. Consider helping researchers help the planet this holiday season. Here are a dozen opportunities to get involved in real science research during the 12 days of Christmas! On the first day of Christmas, Missouri gave to me…an opportunity to help stem the threat of invasive pear trees in Missouri’s urban forest and in other parts of the U.S.

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Nov. 23, 2011

Gobble Up Thanksgiving Day Citizen Science Offerings!

by Darlene Cavalier

Help keep an eye on the health and abundance of wild turkeys prior to breeding by observing and counting young turkeys in New York state. Or, join biologists in New Hampshire studying the impact of winter on New Hampshire turkeys by reporting any sightings of female turkeys and their young.

Citizen Science Buzz, birds, butterflies, citizen science, scistarter, turkey, winter
Jun. 24, 2011

In the Philadelphia area? Contribute to PhillyTreeMap!

by Darlene Cavalier

Participating in PhillyTreeMap, one of the newest projects in the Science for Citizens Project Finder, is almost as simple as fetching the morning paper from the front “stoop,” as we say here in Philly. This morning, I opened my front door, walked 10 feet to the nearest tree (pictured here), wrapped a measuring tape around its trunk, snapped this picture, and simply uploaded the picture and trunk width online. THAT’s how simple it was to help the City of Philadelphia take an inventory of trees.

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