Eric Anderson

Feb. 15, 2013

Tracking a Space Rock's Streak Past Earth

Asteroid 2012 DA14 spans half a football field, and will whiz by the Earth a mere 17,000 miles above us--closer than many satellites.

asteroid, space, deep impact, armageddon, flyby, near-earth object, meteor

Apr. 27, 2012

Mining Quarries Millions of Miles from Earth

A company aims to expand the world’s natural resource base by mining asteroids.

space mining, space, asteroid, excavation, mining, natural resources, resources


Michael Pollan Talks Plants and Food

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Mystery Box

Meet The Balloonatics

\tIt's crunch time for the 'balloonatics' at Macy's Parade Studio. The balloons themselves, which are designed and fabricated in a warehouse in New Jersey, are getting their final checkup before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. John Piper and Jim Artle take us around the studio and spill the secrets of inflation, explain how to calculate whether your balloon will float, and explain why the balloons look better after a little time in the sun.


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