Internship: Fall 2019 Digital Intern

Science Friday is your one-stop shop for all things science, from the microbiome to Mars. We’re great at broadcasting science through our public radio show, and we’ve always been digital innovators—we created the first podcast in public media, for instance, and we streamed a radio show online way back in 1993. But we haven’t stopped there. We also produce cool videos, original web reporting, a whole array of educational content tied to our media.

And now we want you to get in on the action. Science Friday is currently offering a digital internship for fall 2019.

Science Friday’s award winning-digital team produces original, web-first reporting, engages our audience, manages our various platforms like our social accounts, newsletters and more, and works with other content creators (like our radio, video, and education teams) to best position their stories for an online audience. The digital intern will get the inside scoop in all of these, and the program will vary depending on the interests and skills of the final candidate. Some potential duties include, but certainly aren’t limited to: Brainstorming with radio producers on the best ways to adapt their segments to the web; developing strategies for audience engagement; copy editing and fact checking; assisting and crafting social campaigns; writing and reporting a piece; and more.

Digital interns must be available to work in Science Friday’s midtown Manhattan office for 25 hours a week. The daily schedule is somewhat flexible, but Thursdays are crucial days and you’ll need to be in the office for at least some part of that day. The digital internship will last 12 weeks, and the pay will be $15/hour. Start date is flexible, but we’d like to have someone in the office by early September.

The ideal candidate is as comfortable geeking out about science and the way things work as they are about their favorite niche memes in the group chat. You know the digital news landscape, or at the very least have a few favorite publications, and are passionate about beautiful writing and clever design. You thrive on looking at the analytics. You have a very strong opinion about the pronunciation of the word gif. Oh, and do you follow us on Twitter?

Please email a resume, cover letter with links to at least two examples of your work (audio, video or written is fine); and one 150-200 word SciFri web article pitch to: Brandon Echter,, subject: “Fall 2019 Digital Internship.” Make sure to include whether you think the naked mole rat is cute or not (there’s no wrong answer; the SciFri staff is very narrowly divided).

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 17, 2019.

The Science Friday Initiative is firmly committed to seeking qualified candidates for all job and internship openings and offers equal employment opportunity to all persons.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or in any other way prohibited by state and federal law.