Chau Tu

Story Producer/Reporter

Chau Tu is Science Friday’s story producer/reporter. She delves into the inner reaches of the curious mind to pitch, write, and edit the stories you want to read on SciFri’s website. She likes exploring the mystery of the brain and about what lies beyond Earth. She really hates transcribing, but she’s pretty good at it.

Before joining SciFri, Chau basked in the sun back in her hometown of Los Angeles, where she contemplated the true meaning of the numbers at Marketplace, learned to name off the latest speakeasys and tasting menus for Modern Luxury magazines, and stained her fingers black at the Los Angeles Times. Here and there, she parlayed her interests in culture, fashion, and music into writing for various independent publications. She’s also written about science for The Atlantic and Motherboard.

Chau loved L.A. before it was cool: She is a journalism graduate of the University of Southern California, roots for the Dodgers and Lakers, and is well-versed in the life-affirming qualities of a good taco. She used to be tan.