We make "science" an action verb.

The Power Of Phosphorus: ‘The Devil’s Element’ Author Q&A

On April 27, join our event with the author of ‘The Devil's Element’ about our long history with elemental phosphorus.

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Science Friday in Traverse City: Great Lakes Stories with IPR

On April 26, join Ira Flatow and the Interlochen Public Radio Points North team in Traverse City, MI for an evening of local science stories.

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Earth Facts And Films: Test Your Knowledge At Movie Trivia Night

On April 14, meet us at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY for a Science Goes To The Movies-themed battle of the brains!

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The Grieving Brain: SciFri Book Club Author Livestream And Q&A

On March 23, join our chat with the author of ‘The Grieving Brain’ about the neuroscience behind this profound human experience.

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