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October 16, 2020

Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Andrea Ghez on her decades of peering at the center of our galaxy—and the supermassive black hole she found there. Plus, a WWII shipwreck teaming with microbial life. And the SciFri Book Club tackles chicanafuturism.


They Burned All Their Ships

In Alberto Yanez’s short story ‘Burn the Ships,’ the Aztec people of Mexico reanimate the dead to fight their conquerors.

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Join A Live Recording Of Science Friday’s Radio Show

Join the live conversations with Ira Flatow and guests as they record for our radio program—and get the chance to have your voice on the show!

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Talk To Science Friday Using The VoxPop App

We’ve launched a new way for you to talk to us all week long: the SciFri VoxPop app.

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