Ira-Witness News: Climate Change Skeptic Meteorologist Feels the Heat

In an interview with Yale Climate Connections, meteorologist Greg Fishel explains how he came to accept anthropogenic climate change.

What would it take to change your mind about global warming and climate change? Here’s the difference between a scientist and a politician.

Greg Fishel is chief meteorologist for WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. In this story from Yale Climate Connections, he tells what convinced him to change from a climate change naysayer to an acceptor. 

Contrast this with the Senate, which voted 50-49 to defeat a measure that said humans were significantly involved in causing climate change. The measure was offered by Senator Brian Schatz, Democrat of Hawaii. 

James Inhofe, Senator from Oklahoma, said on the Senate floor, “Man can’t change the climate.” He has called global warming and climate change the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on Americans.

“Only in the halls of Congress is this a controversial piece of legislation,” said Schatz. 

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