Becca Selden

Dr. Becca Selden knew from an early age that she wanted to study marine biology after she had her first snorkeling experience at the age of 11. She chose to study marine biology at Bowdoin College, where she took advantage of its flow-through seawater system to conduct a senior research project on the effect of predator cues on urchin growth and morphology. After college she was awarded a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study how local communities are involved in sea turtle conservation in the Cayman Islands, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and Panama. She completed her PhD at the University of California Santa Barbara  investigating the consequences of fishing-induced changes in predator size for marine food webs. The educational resource “Interpret Impacts Of Rising Ocean Temperatures on Ecosystems” is based on her National Science Foundation Ocean Sciences post-doctoral fellowship at Rutgers University where she investigated the impact of climate change on predator-prey interactions. She is currently a Nereus Senior Fellow at Rutgers University examining the impact of warming on marine food webs at continental and global scales.