Identifying the Real Culprit Behind Killer Vascular Diseases

Reporting in the journal Nature Communications,  researchers write that they were able to track down the cells causing clogged arteries. Dr. Jill Helms, co-author on the study, discusses why stem cells are to blame and how the study could lead to more effective treatments.

In the SciFri Snack: We thought we knew what was at the root of heart disease, but new research doesn’t fit the existing theory. It’s a good thing because, as Dr. Jill Helms tells us, the old idea may have fit too snugly. Check out more SciFri Snacks — and join a conversation about what you’ve heard — at Soundcloud.

Segment Guests

Jill Helms

Jill Helms is a Professor with the Department of Surgery at Stanford School of Medicine. She is based in Stanford, California.