Sexual Harassment Allegations, Doggie Dementia, and Cuban Internet

12:09 minutes

Exoplanet astronomer Geoff Marcy, who was accused of sexual harassment by four former undergraduate students, resigned from the University of California, Berkeley this week. BuzzFeed News Science Reporter Azeen Ghorayshi, who broke the story, takes us through the developments. She also discusses a new test for dementia in dogs, as well as other selected short subjects in science from this week.

Plus, Cuba’s government has opened up three dozen wifi hotspots on the island. The new hotspots could enhance information exchange and communication for Cubans, but they could also increase government surveillance. Journalist Jonathan Katz discusses the benefits and pitfalls of Cuba coming online.

Segment Guests

Azeen Ghorayshi

Azeen Ghorayshi is a science reporter for BuzzfeedNews in New York, New York.

Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz is a freelance journalist based in Durham, North Carolina.

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