Behind-the-Scenes at the Explorers Club

Tour the unique artifacts, including a yeti scalp and four-tusked elephant, collected by Explorers Club members during research expeditions over the last century. Executive Director Will Roseman reveals the remarkable science and stories of the collection at the Club Headquarters in New York City. Plus, if you’ve the explorer’s bug, join the SciFri Book Club in reading The Lost City of Z, by David Grann.


Produced by Emily V. Driscoll
Filmed by Stavros Basis
Lighting by Tony Sur
Music by Audio Network
Photographs by Julianne Chase, Anne L. Doubilet,
The Explorers Club, Fritz Geller-Grimm, Kon-Tiki Museum,
NComparato, Jamling, Tenzing Norgay,
Shutterstock, Dennis W. Williams
Thanks to Lacey Flint, Kevin Murphy, Will Roseman, Halfdan Tangen Jr,

Meet the Producer

About Emily Driscoll

Emily Driscoll is a science documentary producer in New York, New York. Her production company is BonSci Films.

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