Face Time

By looking at a face for less than a second, we can judge someone’s age, gender, race, emotional state and even their trustworthiness. High-speed scanning and perception experiments by social neurologist Jon Freeman have revealed our brain’s ability to generate character assessments in less than blink of an eye. These first impressions can linger in our brains and influence our real-world interactions.


Produced by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
MRI Stand-in by Sarah Lewin
Footage and Stills Provided by
Dr. Jon Freeman, Shutterstock, Warren Goldswain
Glasgow Unfamiliar Face Database, Bruce Gionet (C.C. 3.0), Nina Paley (C.C. 3.0), Kim Cramer (C.C. 3.0)
“Brain Optic Nerve Impulses,” Produced by Purdue University Calumet senior engineering students
Supervised by Professors Bin Chen, Ph.D, & Ge Jin Ph.D, with support of the university’s Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation.
Full video is available at: http://webs.purduecal.edu/civs/brain-visualization

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