Space Vs. Food: Whose Side Are You On?

We’re pitting two of our favorite topics against each other. Are you #TeamSpace or #TeamFood?

Do you like listening to the science behind grilling, fermentation, and brewing? Maybe you prefer hearing about Mars, meteors, and black holes?

Well, we’ve got a problem we’re hoping you can help us out with.

There’s a bit of a disagreement here at SciFri’s headquarters. Some of us think fans love hearing most about space, while others think food stories are the favorites.

We’ve decided to solve the problem the only way we know how—with a bare-knuckled, no-holds-barred battle for supremacy we’re calling “Space Vs. Food.” We’ve recruited a couple of SciFri staffers to lead the charge for each of the teams: Jen, a.k.a General Custer(d) and Sam, the Sun Tzu of the solar system.

But YOU get to decide the winner.

Join #TeamFood

That’s right. By donating a measly $5, you can cast your vote for either Space or Food and help us figure out what’s more popular.

Once the competition is over, we’ll release a playlist with some of the best interviews we’ve done about the winning topic, including some that aren’t available on our website.

Join #TeamSpace

Follow team captains Jen and Sam on Twitter, and track #TeamSpace and #TeamFood to see which side comes out sunny-side up.

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About Danielle D. Johnson

Danielle D. Johnson is Science Friday’s executive director (a.k.a. scary boss). She’s also a huge Mets fan and Giants fan. She hates zucchini, unless it’s zucchini bread.