Small Drones Raise Big Legal Questions

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The Iris+ personal drone, by 3D Robotics. Photo by 3D Robotics
The Iris+ personal drone, by 3D Robotics. Photo by 3D Robotics

Early Monday morning, a small drone—weighing about two pounds—crashed on the White House’s South Lawn. In response to the incident, President Obama told CNN that regulatory bodies need to “make sure that these things aren’t dangerous and that they’re not violating people’s privacy.” As drones become increasingly cheap and accessible to consumers, do we have laws in place to address potential privacy concerns and violations? Ryan Calo, a law professor specializing in robotics at the University of Washington in Seattle, discusses possible ways to regulate drones and other potentially invasive technologies.

Here is a PSA the Federal Aviation Administration made to try and restrict personal drone users from flying their machines over the Super Bowl:

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Ryan Calo

Ryan Calo is an assistant law professor at University of Washington School of Law in Seattle, Washington.

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