Celebrate Biodiversity for Citizen Science Month

April is Citizen Science Month and Science Friday is an official partner! Join us for crowdsource science projects celebrating biodiversity.

An illustration with a black background featuring a photos of a frog and wildflowers and decorated with abstract orange, green, and yellow elements.

Science Friday is an official partner of Citizen Science Month for April 2023!

We invite your to celebrate biodiversity with opportunities to do science, find community, and explore the great outdoors. These crowdsource science projects can be done by anyone anywhere

Get ready to channel your curiosity to look at biological diversity—the tremendous variety of plants, animals, bacteria, and other organisms living on our planet that help us survive and thrive. Healthy communities rely on healthy ecosystems. Observing, classifying, and counting organisms in our communities provides vital information about the health of those ecosystems. Scientists need people like you to help them develop innovative solutions for challenges such as climate change, pollution, and habitat loss. And it all starts with collecting information.

Citizen Science Month 2023But you aren’t on your own! In addition to sharing great educational resources and fun citizen science projects, we’re teaming up with SciStarter to host a series of webinars for educators, caregivers, and lifelong learners. You can listen for frogs, count trees, do a bioblitz, or watch squirrels this month, with events to ask your questions every week in April! Discover ways to participate in scientific research with your family, your students, or on your own.

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FREE Citizen Science Month Webinars

Our guide for these interactive webinars is Jill Nugent. Jill teaches science online, engages educators in citizen science experiences for the classroom, schoolyard, and beyond, and serves on the SciStarter Team. An author for the National Science Teacher’s Association and past Associate Dean of STEM for Southern New Hampshire University, she has many years of experience planning and implementing Citizen Science projects with learners of all ages.

So bring your questions and join us for exciting discussions as we discover hands-on, real-world ways to share citizen and crowd science with the learners in your life. Each week is a new, fun topic with great resources and ideas!

An illustration with a black background featuring two photos of frogs and decorated with abstract orange, green, and yellow elements.

Ribbit! Citizen Science for Frog Month

Thursday, April 6 at 8 pm EST
Join Science Friday and SciStarter as we celebrate National Frog Month! Frogs and amphibians are incredibly sensitive to changes in the environment so they provide anessential way to see how climate change is affecting our ecosystems. In this fun and informative talk, you’ll learn how to incorporate exciting research projects like FrogWatch and HerpMapper into your classroom, use them with your students, and align them with curriculum standards. Free! For K-12 teachers or anyone who educates.

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Earth Day, Every Day with Citizen Science

Thursday, April 13 at 8 pm EST
Earth Day is a great time to connect STEM with your community. Join Science Friday and SciStarter to discuss citizen science projects that prepare young scientists to protect the environment. Learn to use apps like NASA’s Globe Observer Trees to track biomass or National Geographic’s Debris Tracker to understand plastic pollution. Get inspired to try citizen science this Earth Day! Free. Great for out-of-school and afterschool educators.

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An illustration with a black background featuring photos of flowers growing wild in a field and potted against a wooden fence and decorated with abstract orange, green, and yellow elements.

Discover Biodiversity in Your Backyard

Thursday, April 20 at 8 pm EST
Biodiversity is essential to healthy ecosystems. Join Science Friday and SciStarter for an interactive webinar where you’ll get to know real-world citizen science projects for tracking biodiversity in your own backyard. Collaborate with others during the City Nature Challenge BioBlitz or try apps like iNaturalist to explore on your own. Either way, you’ll help researchers and make a positive impact in your community. Free! This webinar is great for all lifelong learners.

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Bring Science Home All Year ‘Round

Thursday, April 27 at 8 pm EST
Engage in exciting STEM all year! Join Science Friday and SciStarter to discover fun ways to incorporate citizen science into your family’s weekends, vacations, or daily life. From Project Squirrel to Floating Forests, you can observe, track, and report on the biodiversity all around you with your favorite people. Join us for this fun discussion and make science a part of your day every day. Free! Perfect for homeschoolers and families.

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A woman tending to a meadow with small flags planted in the ground.Spotlight: Science For Everyone

You can do science anywhere. Crowd, collaborative, community, and citizen science opportunities for anyone to participate in, contribute to, and lead scientific research. Visit our Science for Everyone Spotlight for exciting stories and science activities. Want more? Visit Science Friday’s Instagram, to hear great scientists talking about the amazing variety in our hair and skin, how to find weird and wild biology under every rock, the mysteries of memory, and much, much more.

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Citizen Science Month 2023Science Friday is thrilled to be a Citizen Science Month partner, hosted by SciStarter. SciStarter is where millions of people discover opportunities to participate in citizen science, a movement that’s sweeping the globe. There are citizen science projects for everyone!

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