A Note From Ira About Science Friday’s New Co-Host Role

SciFri is hiring a co-host to help shape the next chapter of the show.

Ira Flatow speaking into a mic onstage, gesturing with his hands

To my listeners, supporters, and friends,

I’m so happy to share with you that Science Friday has recently opened a position for a Co-Host. I am also here to assure you that you’ll still hear me on the program each week, albeit with a bit less frequency as I plan to sometimes be in the background listening.

Founding and building Science Friday has been a great dream realized, but after 33 years of sitting in that host chair I feel it is time for me to share what I have learned and what I value with someone else. Or at least get a new chair.

In fact, for some time now I have been contemplating what it would look like to work more closely with someone on crafting the future of Science Friday. This is a new position for our organization, but magical things unfold when you open yourself up to new ideas, new voices, and new dreams, and I’m excited to do that with a co-host.

At the core of what Science Friday does, and the success we have, is you: our audience. Your participation is perhaps the most important thing to me. I designed Science Friday around your input and the value you bring to our stories. So if you have thoughts, concerns, or ideas, please share them by emailing me at next30@sciencefriday.com.

Looking to the next 30 years of Science Friday, I’m very enthusiastic about this chapter. Thank you for listening, for participating, for supporting, and for caring.





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