Prepare For The April 2024 Eclipse With ‘Moon Mail’

Prepare for this year’s eclipse with solar science, umbraphile quests, and a plan to make a lasting memory.


Moon Mail: A newsletter journey to the April '24 eclipseOn April 8, a solar eclipse will be visible from across North and Central America. The path of totality—where observers can witness the moon fully block the sun in a surreal display—will slice through Mexico and Texas, northeast into Maine and Canada. It’s our last chance to see a total eclipse from the contiguous United States for 20 years. Do you have plans to savor the moment?

“Moon Mail” is a short-run newsletter that will take you into some of the lesser-known sides of eclipses and invite you to fully enjoy the April 2024 eclipse from wherever you are. Over six installments, we’ll cover bizarre bits of eclipse history, dive into the science behind how humans experience eclipses, and learn how to make a shared natural event more meaningful.

This was an installment of our 2024 limited-run eclipse newsletter, “Moon Mail.” See the full “Moon Mail” archive here.

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