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Giving Tuesday is here and so is your annual invitation to join Science Friday in the fight for trustworthy science news. This year we celebrated 30 years of programming and reflected on the immense impact we have had with making science fun, accessible, and relevant to everyday conversation, life, and decision-making. Today, more than 2 million listeners tune in every week to our radio show and millions more find us online.

It has been an honor sharing Science Friday with you for the last three decades.

Over the years, SciFri has hosted more than 9,000 interviews with scientists, educators, and guest experts. I celebrate these conversations with you because I believe, together, we are inspiring the next generation of scientists and science enthusiasts.

Donate today for Giving Tuesday and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar. Thank you for your listenership, generosity, and continued support of Science Friday.

– Ira Flatow

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