The SciFri Book Club Reads Dune

This summer’s pick is a bona fide science fiction classic: Frank Herbert’s ecological epic, “Dune.”

After a hiatus, the SciFri Book Club is back!

The concept is simple: Read a great science or sci-fi book, and discuss it with authors, scientists, and your fellow SciFri listeners on-air and online.

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The SciFri Book Club Introduces Dune

This summer’s pick is a science fiction classic: Frank Herbert’s ecological epic Dune. Don’t let the book’s heft throw you. Once you’ve set foot on Herbert’s desert planet, you’ll find the pages fly by faster than Shai-Hulud over the dunes! (We promise that’ll make more sense once you’ve started reading.) Plus, we’ve assembled a crack team of readers to guide you through. Sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson and astrobiologist Sara Imari Walker will be reading right along with you, posing weekly discussion questions right here on the SciFri Book Club blog. (Check out discussion question #1).

How can you participate?

First, get a copy of the book and listen to our kickoff broadcast with Kim Stanley Robinson and Sara Imari Walker on Friday, July 25th.

Then, share your comments, questions, and Dune media with us using the hashtag #SciFriBookClub or email us at Quote a favorite passage. Post a question or respond to someone else’s. Been wondering what to do with all those pics of the Fremen stillsuit you hand-made? Send ‘em our way! And check this blog every week for a new discussion question from one of our SciFri Book Club leaders.

To see what your fellow Book Club members have been saying, check out our Book Club RebelMouse page. We’ll be collecting your responses there throughout the month-long reading period.

Finally, tune into our wrap-up discussion on Friday, August 22, and join the conversation on the air.

Got a question about how the SciFri Book Club works? Post it below. We’re looking forward to reading with you!

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