The SciFri Book Club Searches for Lost Cities

Journey into the Amazonian jungle with David Grann’s “The Lost City of Z.”

Last month, we asked for your help picking the SciFri Book Club’s next book. More than 400 of you voted, and the results are in. The club will kick off 2015 with David Grann’s non-fiction exploration saga, The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon.

The story begins in 1925, when famed Victorian-era explorer Percy Fawcett ventures into the Amazonian wilderness in search of an ancient, advanced civilization: the “Lost City of Z.” He’s never heard from again. In a book that’s part mystery, part history, Grann retraces Fawcett’s steps into the jungle in search of “Z.” Will he find it?

Heading into the jungle with us are two guest readers: author Jeff VanderMeer (City of Saints and Madmen, The Southern Reach Trilogy) and Egyptologist and space archaeologist Sarah Parcak. Both will join us on air when we wrap up our discussion of The Lost City of Z on February 6th.

How can you participate?

It’s easy. Start reading! Share your comments and questions with fellow Book Club members using the hashtag��#SciFriBookClub (or use the comment section below). Quote a favorite passage. Post a question or respond to someone else’s. Finally, tune into our wrap-up discussion on Friday, February 6th to join the conversation on Science Friday. (If you have more questions about how the SciFri Book Club works, post them below in the comments.)

And keep an eye on this page for links to stories inspired by our reading, including:

  • A behind-the-scenes tour of The Explorer’s Club in New York City
  • An interview with The Lost City of Z author David Grann (hear a clip from the interview below)
  • An activity for kids investigating how technology has changed exploration
  • An account of one of the Amazon’s notorious denizens

Those who will receive a free book will be notified within a week. If you weren’t among the first 20 to sign up, you can get a 30 percent discount if you order The Lost City of Z from Powell’s Books using this link.

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