Vote for the Winner of the Winter Nature Photo Contest

Pick your favorite photo from the 11 finalists.

It’s the last round of our Winter Nature Photo Contest—time for you to pick a winner from 11 finalists. Here’s how they were chosen:

From more than 450 submissions, our judge, professional photographer Clay Bolt, picked 10 finalists. The SciFri staff also picked a favorite (and it was tough!); we settled on Early Morning, by Rebecca Bubp. Finally, you and other members of the public spent two weeks voting for a top contender. Turns out, you have good taste. The finalist you chose—Jim Stroner’s Black Bear Emerging From Den—was also selected by our judge.

It’s now up to you to make one of these 11 photos a winner. Scroll through the images below or in the slideshow, and use the poll at the end of this post to cast your ballot. You have until 11 a.m. EDT on Friday, March 15th to vote (and you may only vote once this round). We’ll announce the winner on air later that day.

A big thanks to everyone who entered! (To see all photo contest submissions, click here.) [EDITOR’S NOTE: The contest is now closed, and the site with all submissions unavailable. No more votes will be accepted.]

Photo 1: Seeking Shelter, by Georgia Avery


Photo 2: Out of Time He’ll Fly, by Deb Braun


Photo 3: Early Morning, by Rebecca Bubp


Photo 4: Frosty Morning Duck Hunt, by Kevin Farron


Photo 5: Bird of Prey Catching Its Prey, by Michele Frankie


Photo 6: Ice Sheets at Twilight, by Mark Graf


Photo 7: Let Me Out, by Theresa Heizelman


Photo 8: Five Deer in the Wintry Wild, by Christian Lobo


Photo 9: Snow Jump – January 2013, by Robert Patterson


Photo 10: Boreal Owl Hunting on a Snowy Day, by Alan Stankevitz


Photo 11: Black Bear Emerging From Den, by Jim Stroner


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