Grade Level

6 - 8


15 min - 1 hr


Earth Science

We want you to explain to us what the Sun does.

Here’s how:

  1. Learn something interesting about what the sun does.
  2. Do your best to explain what you’ve learned about the sun.
  3. Share your explanation with the hashtag #ExplainTheSun

Here’s a little inspiration…

  • We asked scientists and other solar-interested folks to answer the question: What does the sun do? See their responses here.
  • Make your own UV light detector in this activity from the Lawrence Hall of Science.
  • Watch videos, read articles, and listen to interviews about the sun in Science Friday’s Sun Science Collection on PBS Learning Media.
  • Listen to our launch on Science Friday, May 8th
  • Help us create a human sundial

For more information on ways to #ExplainTheSun and how to share your explanation, click here.

Submission Highlights:



#ExplainTheSun: An Album

listen to ‘Secretary Moniz on the Sun and Energy’ on audioBoom

Science Club creates a #HumanSundial

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