Celebrate World Science Day by Doing Science!

Celebrate World Science Day by Doing Science!

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In celebration of World Science Day, we’ve pulled together a collection of experiments developed by some amazing organizations, museums, and centers that are dedicated to making hands-on science available to everyone.

These projects are fun, based on real work that scientists do everyday—and most importantly, anyone can do them.

So dive in, make a home for microbes, visualize convections on the surface of the sun, build a glacier, or make a pinhole camera. Whatever you choose, we hope you have a great time and share the experience with someone else!

20 cover imageMake a Home for Microbes

In this activity from the American Museum of Natural History, you’ll create an entire ecosystem for bacteria called a Winogradsky column using just a pop bottle, dirt, and water.

Click here to build a Winogradsky column

13172-3.JPGVisualize Solar Convection

Use hot and cold water to see how fluids at different temperatures move around in convection currents in this DIY Sun Science Activity from the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Click here to try this experiment


Model glacier with ice shelf. University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Model glacier with ice shelf. University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Build a Glacier

Use a flubber model to analyze glacial ice flow before and after the collapse of an ice shelf in this resource from the University of Maine Climate Change Institute, UMaine Cooperative Extension, and 4H.

Click here to learn how to make a glacier model


Make a Pinhole Camera

In this activity from New York Hall of Science, students will build their own pinhole viewer, and learn how cameras, telescopes, and their own eyes use light in similar ways.

Click here for instructions


For more information about UNESCO World Science Day, click here.

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