Challenge: Build A Roller Coaster

Challenge: Build A Roller Coaster

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A roller coaster completes to loops against a blue sky backdrop
Roller Coaster Boomerang GIF By Lake Compounce. Credit: Giphy

Roller coasters are fun, fast, and are a great example of physics in action. Your challenge is to build a roller coaster out of materials you can find in your home.

Your Roller Coaster Should:

  • Include a “car” – any object that rolls or slides along the track without falling off the sides
  • Include a “track” that carries the car as it rolls without the car falling off the sides
  • Incorporate at least one hill, turn, loop, jump, or dip in the track
  • Be an original use of all materials (no out-of-the-box roller coaster toys please!)

Submit Your Roller Coaster Project Here!

Did you make a roller coaster that worked? Submit a photo, video, or story about your roller coaster by clicking the link above. You’ll have the option to be included in our Gallery of Awesome and receive a Certificate of Awesome in the mail!

Car Material Ideas:

  • Marbles
  • Ping pong, bouncy, golf, or even tennis balls
  • Any small toy that rolls or has wheels
  • Any smooth object that fits in or on your track (a small rock, a lip balm container)
  • A rolling roller coaster car of your own design

Track Material Ideas:

  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, cut in half long ways
  • Pool noodles cut in half long ways
  • Wire, wire closet hangers
  • Paper or cardboard, folded in half

Feeling Stuck? Try This First: Paper, A Small Ball, Tape

  1. Cut a piece of printer or construction paper into three long strips 2-4 inches wide
  2. Tape them together into one long strip of paper, then fold in half lengthwise to make a track
  3. Tape one end of the track to the ground, and the other end up on a chair or coffee table, so that the fold forms a v-shaped track that your ball can roll down
  4. Release a small ball at the top of your track and watch it roll down. You just made a roller coaster!

Now Challenge Yourself:

  • Make the highest roller coaster you can
  • Make a roller coaster with one or two loops
  • Make a roller coaster with a jump from one track to another
  • Make your roller coaster end with a slow, gentle stop

More Roller Coaster Resources And Guides

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