Brandon Lee

Educator Collaborator

Brandon Lee is the director of projects at the Khan Lab School in Mountain View, California. He works with teachers and students to develop an innovative project-based curriculum that challenges students to think critically and develop creative solutions. Some of his favorite projects have included: engineering the perfect cookie, designing and implementing a “smart garden,” or writing a space opera-themed musical.

Brandon has always loved science, often inspired by the Bay Area surroundings where he grew up. After graduating from Tufts University and receiving a Masters in Education from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, he launched Boston Public School’s first elementary school engineering program at the Dever-McCormack K-8. After realizing that his face hurt from walking outside on wintry days, he moved to San Diego, where he launched the engineering program at High Tech Elementary, North County.

Brandon is an avid rock climber, wedding cake maker—they are impressive, and he devotes time to helping his dog, Mochi, learn that the world is not a scary place.