Jennifer Fenwick

Director of Institutional Giving

Jennifer Fenwick is Science Friday’s director of institutional giving. As a lifelong science enthusiast, she is honored to lead the Science Friday Initiative’s (SFI) grants program. In her role, she oversees SFI’s corporate, foundation, and government grant fundraising activities and partnerships.

Jen loved science long before she knew what it meant. She grew up on a farm in the Ozarks region of Missouri, where there was no shortage of ways to explore and experiment with the natural world. Her favorite places to play were the garden and the pond, and as her range expanded, so did her interest in science. When she wasn’t learning about science in school or afterschool programs, she fulfilled her curiosity by watching educational shows on her local public television station—including Ira Flatow’s TV show, Newton’s Apple!

Her geekiness did not wane with time. She went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in biology from William Jewell College and a master’s degree in science education from the University of California, Berkeley. She has dedicated her career to science learning and engagement at institutions such as the California Science Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, and the New York Hall of Science. Jen has worn many hats over the years while working in research, teaching, curriculum design, project management . . . and her favorite—fundraising and program development.