Julie Leibach

Managing Editor, Online

Julie Leibach is Science Friday’s managing editor for online content. She edits and writes articles for ScienceFriday.com and oversees the site in general. While she can’t single out a favorite story, she thoroughly enjoyed diving into the world of cruciverbalism to report on crossword puzzle construction.

Before joining the team at SciFri, Julie was an editor at Audubon magazine, where she learned that the word “seagull” is a taxonomically inaccurate descriptor for certain birds that you might see at the beach (or pecking in a dumpster). They are, in fact, “gulls,” and there are many species.

Julie grew up in north central Florida where she spent many an unfettered day traipsing through the woods around her family home, pretend-eating “stew” from a muck-filled tree hollow on large leaf “plates.” She also swam a lot, but not before doing a perimeter check of the pool for toads that had fallen prey to the beguiling turquoise waters.

Years later, Julie left the Florida humidity for more humidity in Missouri, where she attended Washington University in St. Louis and studied biology and Spanish. She later earned a master’s degree in journalism from New York University’s Science, Health, and Environmental Reporting Program. During that time, Julie did internships at both Audubon and…Science Friday. And now we’ve come full circle.