Katie Brown

Educator Collaborator

Katie Brown is a science educator both in middle school and high school classrooms at Le Jardin Academy in Kailua, Hawaii. When she’s not launching potato cannons or model rockets from the field behind her classroom, she can be found leading a group of teenagers in search of moose calves on the Allagash River of northern Maine. She believes that science is everywhere and  is determined to explore it all with her students.

Brown has worked in science education with students ranging from kindergarten through college, but her true passion is exploring science out in the world. She is currently teaching middle and high school science at Le Jardin Academy in Kailua, Hawaii where her students use the design cycle to engineer solutions to problems they see in their community. Their latest projects involved developing prototype solar boats to transport goods across the Pacific Ocean, testing methods for soundproofing a new band room, and designing and building brand new instruments for a middle school band.

During the summer, Brown brings her love for science to the backcountry of Maine and New Hampshire where she leads wilderness trips at Wyonegonic Camps. She is passionate about science and wilderness and loves the opportunity to share these passions with her students.