Ryan Hollister

Educator Collaborator

Ryan J. Hollister is a veteran geoscience and AP environmental science teacher at Turlock High School in Turlock, California. Through a signature blend of enthusiasm and expertise, he fosters an appreciation in his students for the physical processes that have shaped the region they call home: California’s Great Central Valley. Ryan’s ultimate goal is to help shape a citizenry that will solve the air and water quality problems that plague the San Joaquin Valley.

Ryan has a master’s in geoscience from Mississippi State. In 2015, he received the Far West Region’s Outstanding Earth Science Teacher award from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers in recognition of his dedication and contribution as a teacher.

Ryan and his wife, Laura (a geoscience teacher at Turlock’s cross-town rival, Pitman High), have proudly played a role in sending more than 160 students on week-long WildLink Club backpacking expeditions through the rugged backcountry of Yosemite National Park. The goal of these journeys is to help kids develop a better understanding and appreciation for wilderness, and a commitment to helping it endure. You can take a gander at inspiring photo journals from these trips here.

When he’s not teaching or tinkering with projects for his classes, Ryan can usually be found consuming large quantities of Haribo Gold Bears while on the trails of the Sierra Nevada with his wife and young son.