Turtle Haste

Educator Collaborator

Turtle Haste is a science teacher at Desert Ridge Middle School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For her 6th graders, her class is often their first experience in an actual science course. As the recipient of multiple Fulbright awards, Turtle actively brings global learning to her students, whether using a camera on the International Space Station to image locations on Earth or by engaging students in diplomatic simulations supporting social studies topics.

Before her career in the classroom, Turtle studied physical oceanography at Oregon State University, where she also oversaw the outdoor environmental program for the local school district. She loves physical geography and earth sciences, was an original NOAA Climate Steward (now Planet Stewards,) and recently earned a certification with the American Meteorological Society.

A self-described polar fan, Turtle finds ways to introduce polar science, history, and exploration into her classroom through firsthand accounts in text or by bringing scientists into her classroom. Her passion for experiential learning began in high school when she volunteered with the National Park Service’s Living History program. She believes in giving her students real-life applications of science rather than textbook examples.