SciFri is a PMJA Award Winner!

New York, NY, June 6, 2024— The Science Friday Initiative is honored to have won The Public Media Journalists Association (PMJA)’s First Place award for Narrative/Produced Podcast by an Independent Outlet for How ‘Panda Diplomacy’ Led To Conservation Success,” a science policy story produced by Rasha Aridi and Aja Drain.

“This year, we had over 1,450 entries from 144 different organizations in our awards contest,” said PMJA Executive Director Christine Paige Diers. “We’re proud to be able to recognize the great journalism across the country through this contest.”

In the award-winning story, SciFri producer Rasha Aridi and freelance journalist Aja Drain look back at 80 years of panda conservation and the thorny politics that paved the way for groundbreaking panda research. And they try to answer the multi-million dollar question: Was  all the time, money, and effort that went into saving pandas worth it?

“When the pandas were set to leave the National Zoo in D.C., it was all over the news. But there is so much more history and science as to why the pandas were there in the first place,” said Rasha Aridi. “From my own experiences as a wildlife scientist, I understand how contentious endangered species conservation is and the endless factors that play into saving a species. So I wanted to know: why pandas?”

The importance of pandas to China’s conservation efforts is another underexplored angle to this story. The pandas’ international fame put pressure on China to establish national parks, fund massive research projects, and foster a new generation of conservationists. China’s efforts worked, and the pandas became upgraded from an endangered species to a vulnerable one—a very rare win in the midst of the current biodiversity crisis.

This story was produced by Rasha Aridi, with help from Aja Drain. Edited by John Dankosky, with help from D. Peterschmidt and Emma Gometz. All our music and sound design is by D. Peterschmidt. 

Special thanks to the experts Science Friday spoke with: Dr. Chee Meng Tan, Dr. Pierre Comizzoli, Dr. Mel Songer, Michael Brown-Palsgrove, Dr. Rich Bergl, Dr. Jack Liu, Dr. Binbin Li, as well as Dr. E. Elena Songster and Dr. Carolyn Lin.

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