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Unlock kids' brain power with a free online neuroscience escape room.

NEW YORK, NY (March 7, 2024)Science Friday, the nationally-recognized non-profit dedicated to increasing public access to science, in partnership with the Dana Foundation, has launched “Hack Your Brain,” a free online neuroscience escape room experience designed to engage middle school students (ages 10-14) in immersive STEM learning. The program kicks off on March 11 for Brain Awareness Week and runs through April.

The heart of the program is a five-day “Hack Your Brain” escape room, running April 15-19. The experience will challenge kids to solve brain-themed puzzles and riddles from home. Each day, students receive a new puzzle piece, unlocking more of the narrative-driven storyline.

“Understanding how their brains work helps kids build skills like critical thinking, resilience, self-awareness, and focus,” said Sandy Roberts, Science Friday’s Education Program Manager. “Our escape room makes that science accessible through an interactive, storytelling approach.”

Supplementing the escape room, “Hack Your Brain” offers:

  • Weekly live “STEM Night” events with opportunities to engage with brain science experts
  • Multimedia guides for hands-on investigations, educational articles, discussion questions, and extension activities in English and Spanish
  • A secure online community hub to ask questions and connect with fellow participants
  • Limited supply of free kits of materials for low-income families and groups serving them

“When learners immerse themselves in engaging STEM that resonates with their lives, it builds vital skills and self-confidence,” Roberts said. “We hope ‘Hack Your Brain’ will inspire the next generation of curious problem-solvers and scientists.”

Science Friday’s partnership with the Dana Foundation, a philanthropic organization that connects neuroscience to the needs of society, makes the program possible.

“While neuroscience is complex, the brain is everyone’s business. We believe that education about the brain is critical to understanding and improving our lives as individuals and within our communities, and reaching kids empowers them to embrace this notion early on,” said Khara Ramos, Ph.D., Vice President of Neuroscience & Society at the Dana Foundation. “We are delighted to partner with Science Friday to help make neuroscience accessible to all through educational programs.”

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