Can Just One Concussion Change the Brain?

12:16 minutes

Suffering a single concussion may cause lasting brain damage, researchers report in the journal Radiology. Steven Flanagan, co-director of the Concussion Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, discusses the findings, and why diagnosing a concussion is so difficult.


Are you worried about your kids playing sports?

Researchers in the journal Radiology suggest suffering a single concussion may cause lasting brain damage. We asked you if you’re worried about your kids getting concussions from playing sports.

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@scifri worried?Yes.But I can’t put them in bubblewrap,norwill I deny them joy,social/physical skills gained by playing either. #SciFriChatgabrielle sarcia

#SciFriChat My boy has had 2. 1 playing Basketball, 1 skiing. They were under such “normal” circs I wonder how many I had and don’t know.Duane Mieliwocki

@scifri I’m worried about head injuries enough that I haven’t let my son play football. Helmets create false sense of security. #SciFriChatCara Cashon