Can Rooftop Solar and Utilities Get Along?

11:57 minutes

Rooftop solar is booming: New installations accounted for over a quarter of new electrical generating capacity in the U.S. this year, according to an estimate by Cleantechnica. But as more and more homegrown energy comes online, consumers buy less electricity, and utilities foresee an economic squeeze—which is leading to nasty fights over the future of utilities and the grid. In this segment, Ira chats with reporter David Roberts and energy policy expert Cameron Bard about how states California and New York are paving the way for a future with ever widening distributed energy generation.

Segment Guests

David Roberts

David Roberts is staff writer for Vox.com in Seattle, Washington.

Cameron Bard

Cameron Bard is the manager of energy and finance at the Office of NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York, New York.

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