Chef Jack Bishop Breaks Down ‘The Science of Good Cooking’

What’s the secret to making a fluffy omelet or the perfect pie dough? Jack Bishop, chef and editorial director at America’s Test Kitchen, stops by to debunk cooking myths and highlight some of the surprising finds from the show’s new cookbook, The Science of Good Cooking.

In the SciFri Snack: Chef Jack Bishop, editorial director at America’s Test Kitchen, tells us that water is one of the key parts of the perfect pie crust. You need it to roll out the dough, but it also forms gluten which makes the dough chewy. So, how can your pie dough be both soft and easy to handle? Use science—and a little bit of vodka.

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Jack Bishop

Jack Bishop is the editorial director of America’s Test Kitchen in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Denise Chow is a sci-tech editor at Live Science and a former associate producer for Science Friday.