Chemistry Research Roundup

38:12 minutes

Why are bed bugs so resistant to pesticides? How do whiskey, rye, and bourbon develop their unique flavor profile? What compounds in the natural world could be used for insect repellant or for treating AIDS? For the answers, we turn to the American Chemical Society conference. We’ll discuss a few of the highlights presented at this week’s meeting.

Segment Guests

Thomas Collins

Thomas Collins is director of research at the Food Safety and Measurement Facility at the University of California, Davis in Davis, California.

Susan Jones

Susan Jones is a professor in the department of entomology at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

Richard P. Burlingame

Richard P. Burlingame is a vice president of research and development at Allylix Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky.

Paul Wender

Paul Wender is the Bergstrom Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University in Stanford, California.

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