Climate Deal or Not, Fight Against Global Warming Has Begun

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The United Nations climate meetings began this week in Peru, a dress rehearsal of sorts for treaty talks in Paris next year. But whether world leaders forge a deal or not, Scientific American‘s David Biello and environmental economist Robert Stavins say the fight against climate change has already begun—at the state and local level, and in the private sector. Last year, for example, new solar plants outpaced coal installations in the U.S., and carbon-trading schemes across state and national borders have already begun.

Segment Guests

David Biello

David Biello is environment and energy editor at Scientific American in New York, New York.

Robert Stavins

Robert Stavins in environmental economics professor and director of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements at Harvard Kennedy School in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Kate Ricke

Kate Ricke is a fellow at the Carnegie Institution for Science at Stanford University in Stanford, California.

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