Colossal Quasar Clump Too Huge to Exist, in Theory

17:01 minutes

Astronomers have discovered a clump of 73 quasars that spans four billion light years at its widest point—that’s like 40,000 Milky Way galaxies lined end-to-end. The only problem? Theory says the quasar cluster is too big to exist. Astronomer Gerard Williger and reporter Ron Cowen discuss this cosmological oddity, and other news about the cosmos.

Segment Guests

Ron Cowen

Ron Cowen is a freelance astronomy and physics reporter based in Silver Spring, Maryland. He’s the author of Gravity’s Century: From Einstein’s Eclipse to Images of Black Holes (2019, Harvard Press)

Gerard Williger

Gerard Williger is an adjunct professor at the University of Nice in France and an associate professor in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.

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