Katherine Bouton Opens Up About Going Deaf in ‘Shouting Won’t Help’

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After going deaf at the age of 30, writer Katherine Bouton’s entire life changed. In her new book, “Shouting Won’t Help,” Bouton shares how she came to terms with hearing loss, and why more attention needs to be paid to a condition that affects nearly 50 million Americans.

*Katherine Bouton also took the classic photo of Ira interviewing penguins in Antarctica.


This segment image has been updated. A previous image featured a vintage diagram that did not depict the ossicles, three structures found in the middle ear and essential for hearing. 

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Katherine Bouton

Katherine Bouton is the author of Shouting Won’t Help: Why I—and 50 Million Other Americans—Can’t Hear You. She’s based in New York City.

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Read an excerpt from Shouting Won’t Help.

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