Mapping the Microbial Make-Up of Healthy Humans

Reporting in Nature, Nature Methods, and several PLoS  publications, researchers with the Human Microbiome Project write that they have cataloged the genetic identity of many microbes that populate the human body. Computational biologist Curtis Huttenhower discusses the multidisciplinary effort.

In the SciFri Snack: Did you know there are 10 times more microbes in your body than human cells? Computational biologist Curtis Huttenhower tells us that they may be tiny, but when you add them all up it could make a difference on the scale. Check out more SciFri Snacks — and join a conversation about what you’ve heard — at Soundcloud.

Segment Guests

Curtis Huttenhower

Curtis Huttenhower is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard School of Public Health. He is based in Boston, Massachusetts.