Melding Two Memories Into One

12:15 minutes

Reporting in Science, researchers write of linking a mouse’s innocuous memory of a room with a more fearful memory of getting an electric shock—causing the mouse to freeze in fear upon seeing the safe room. Study author Steve Ramirez of M.I.T. and memory researcher Mark Mayford of The Scripps Research Institute discuss the implications for modifying human memories.

Segment Guests

Mark Mayford

Mark Mayford is an associate professor in neuroscience at the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

Steve Ramirez

Steve Ramirez is an assistant professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts.

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About Christopher Intagliata

Christopher Intagliata was Science Friday’s senior producer. He once served as a prop in an optical illusion and speaks passable Ira Flatowese.