Senate Bill Supports NSF Overhaul And Tech Research Funding

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On Tuesday, the Senate passed the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, which would commit billions of dollars towards technology research, aimed at keeping the United States competitive with China. The bipartisan bill passed the chamber 68-32, and commits roughly $250 billion in funding for scientific research, subsidies for chipmakers, funding for cutting-edge science like artificial intelligence, and an overhaul of the National Science Foundation.

Plus, President Biden pledges more vaccine help for low and middle income countries like India, which is still reeling from a deadly second wave of the virus. And a new report warns that climate change could have a major impact on military infrastructure and preparedness in the U.S. and around the world.

Sophie Bushwick, technology editor for Scientific American, joins guest host John Dankosky to discuss this week’s science stories.

And, Minnesota Public Radio reporter Kirsti Marohn joins us to talk about challenges to the Line 3 oil pipeline. More than 200 people were arrested this week during protests over concerns about safety, tribal water rights, and climate change. 

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Segment Guests

Sophie Bushwick

Sophie Bushwick is technology editor at Scientific American in New York, New York. Previously, she was a senior editor at Popular Science.

Kirsti Marohn

Kirsti Marohn is a reporter with MPR News based in Collegeville, Minnesota.

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