Sizing Up America’s High-Tech Talent

Business and political leaders have repeatedly warned that America’s scientists and engineers are in short supply. However, some economists say the numbers indicate the opposite — a glut of high-tech workers. A panel of experts debate whether America’s schools produce the scientific workforce needed to compete globally.

Segment Guests

Charles Vest

Charles Vest is the President Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is based in Washington, DC.

Michael Kassner

Michael Kassner is the Director of Research at the Office of Naval Research. He’s based in Arlington, Virginia.

Lindsay Lowell

Lindsay Lowell is the Director of Policy Studies at Georgetown University. She’s based in Washington, DC.

Anthonette Pena

Anthonette Pena is an 8th grade science teacher at Stuart-Hobson Middle School. She’s based in Washington, DC.